About Us

Soon after giving birth to my gorgeous son I had tried to buy the amazing Silver Cups for a pregnant friend of mine. I had experienced their amazing healing qualities and knew that they were a must have for every breastfeeding mum or mum to be.

I was unable to get hold of them in the UK, and had to borrow the set I used from a lovely friend of mine when I was breastfeeding.

Once I had used them I couldn’t understand why more people didn’t know about them. We found out about them through an Italian friend as they are widely used in Italy.

It got me thinking, and I decided that it was time for someone to spread the word. Before I had time to think about it too much I had located the supplier, had a meeting in London, designed a website, and received my 1st shipment. Everything just fell into place which was just amazing, almost like it was meant to be.

I truly believe that this wonderful product is the secret to happier breastfeeding and the must have accessory for every breastfeeding mum.

The very best of luck.

Sarah x

Breast Feeding, Sore or Cracked Nipples

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