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Breast Angels Silverette Healing Cups are an innovative product from Italy produced to aid women whilst breastfeeding and have been tried, tested and most importantly proven to work for many years. They help to prevent, protect and heal cracked nipples and heal sore nipples from breastfeeding. Breast Angels have been kept a secret for way too long!

Breast Angels Silverette Healing Cups are sold as a pair.

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  • Instant protection: high-quality sterling silver supports natural wound healing and prevents pain. The antibacterial silver relieves pain after 12-48 hours
  • Patented quality: our silver hats have been developed together with a unique hospital and midwives school. Its patented shape (1.6 cm height) does not flatten the nipples
  • 100% safe: no ointments are needed, whose ingredients could transfer to your baby. Our dermatologically tested hats are a registered medical device
  • Easy to use: wear our silver caps directly on the nipple under the bra after breastfeeding. If necessary, wear nursing pads between silver hats and bra
  • Box contents: you will receive 2 anatomically shaped, reusable XL silver hats (from cup size C, at the latest D) made of sterling silver (nickel-free), height: 1.6 cm, diameter: 5 cm

13 reviews for Breast Angels Silverette Healing Cups

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  1. Amber

    These SAVED me. I have flat, kinda inverted, nipples and every latch was painful as it drew out my nipple. I had major major cracks from trying to get that latch right for months. I got these two months into my agonizing breastfeeding journey and literally not even a week had passed and my nipples were no longer red, sore, and were staying out! I can feed in any position and I bet the baby could hang off me and I’d still be pain free – haha. Had to leave a review because i think it’s SO important that women know about these. Changed my feeding relationship with my LO and I now look forward to our feeds together. Xo

  2. SJ Allen (verified owner)

    Been breastfeeding for 3 weeks now and these have been a life saver! Easy to use and clean and so reassuring to know you won’t get rubbing from bra or breast pad. Nipples heal quickly and no irritation. Once ordered I received them within 2 days. Highly recommended!

  3. Cara McMenamy

    Breast Angels Silverette Cups where my saviour and really kept my feeding journey going. 4 months of agony & pain where finally over once I had found these. So much so that if anyone I know is serious about breastfeeding I recommend these before any issues arise. I had spent a fortune on every cream, gel, patch, shield & shell that you could buy and once I started using the cups never had to buy anything again. 8 months feeding now & still going strong enjoying every minute of it pain free.

  4. Christine

    These were real lifesavers. I had so much pain from infected cracks and was at breaking point til an amazing midwife suggested these cups. Getting them was the turning point and allowed me to continue breastfeeding and to enjoy feeding times again.

  5. Louise

    These amazing breast cups have healed my severely cracked nipples with both my babies and has pretty much saved my breast feeding experience. I stumbled upon them in an hour of need and so glad I did. What I love about this product is the fact they are reusable, no chemicals or nasty sticky creams, just your powerful breastmilk used to help healing process and the properties of the silver that do the magic. They are eco friendly too and after using them with my two, I have passed them onto a friend to use.

  6. Laura L

    I bought these silver caps in utter desperation after 10 weeks of cracked, bleeding nipples due to tongue tie. I saw a lactation consultant who reassured me I was doing everything right with my baby’s latch (I had had no problems with my first baby and fed him till age 2) . Even after tongue tie revision and my best efforts, baby’s latch was still slipping: shallow and making me very sore. The lady recommended these and as I was so close to going on to formula, I thought it was worth the price (same as a month’s formula).
    I stopped using the creams and just slipped these in my bra. I was surprised at how small they were. I’d say within about a week I noticed how my nipple skin stayed soft and my milk did seem to be healing them. I rinsed the cups and used the bicarbonate of soda to clean them, but really only once a day or so. They are so easy to take care of. It became habit, and I wore them all the time for at least a few months before I suddenly realised I just didn’t need them anymore!
    I now have no pain whatsoever with my 8 month old. In fact, we co-sleep where he latches on to my boob several times a night just effortlessly. I am so deliriously happy! These little caps, and of course time where my baby grew and improved his latch, saved my breastfeeding. Thank you so much.

  7. Alison (verified owner)

    Whilst feeding my 7 month old I had awful red, peeling & cracked nipples that tested negative for thrush and bacterial infection, but was either eczema or dermatitis. After trying a couple of creams with no success I decided to give breast angels a try. Within 3 days feeding was comfortable and within a week both nipples were healed! Couldn’t be happier, worth every penny! I paid for next day delivery and they were here on time. I would highly recommend, great product and service xxx

  8. Martha Schofield

    I recommend these to everyone! I had severe pain from feeding, with numerous problems and had to take courses of medication from the GP, the moment I put these on I could feel them working – I thought I was having an allergic reaction (it was just a bit of a tingling sensation) I’ve worn silver jewellery all my life and never had a reaction so left them to do their thing and they’re amazing. Now my baby is 16 weeks and breastfeeding is a lovely part of our day together (keep going it’s worth it). The best £40 you’ll spend – I only wish someone had told me about them sooner!

  9. Catherine Cope

    All through my pregnancy I assumed I’d breastfeed and was actually really looking forward to it. So I was surprised when I suffered quite badly with pain from cracked nipples in the early weeks. As feeding is so constant in the early weeks, the pain was quite demoralising. I badly wanted to persevere so I went to a breastfeeding support group to get advice on my latch. A friend also recommended silverette cups. I was initially quite sceptical – how could silver cups help with my sore, cracked nipples? – But I was so desperate that I thought I’d try anything! And I’m so glad I did because it was incredible how quickly I healed once I started using them. Within a matter of days I was healed and feeding became pain fee and enjoyable, just as I’d imagined it would be. My son is now 10 weeks old and still exclusively breastfed, and I plan to continue feeding exclusively until he’s weaned. I found the silverette cups so easy to use and so discreet (always handy when feeding in public!). Sarah from Breastfeeding Heaven also provided the most wonderful customer service, as she dropped the cups off to me on a bank holiday Monday. This meant that I received them 2 days earlier than I would have in the post, a time difference that was crucial when I was struggling so much with feeding my baby. I’ve recommended the silverette to all of my pregnant friends and also told my ante natal teacher, as I wish I’d known about them before I had my son.

  10. Hannah Jones

    I had the worst crack on my right nipple and it cleared within 24 hours as a result of using these brilliant Silver Cups. I am so happy that they are now going to be available in the UK as I had to borrow my friends. I will be giving them as a gift to everyone I know they are truly amazing.

  11. Emma Nangle

    Breast Angles, saved my nipples and allowed me to continue breast feeding during those tough early weeks. They soothed and healed my sore and blistered nipple. I would not contemplate breast feeding without them!

  12. Siobhan Dav

    Just really wanted to praise this fabulous product…they are amazing they saved my nipples from the pain and agony that many other mum’s I know went through when they were breastfeeding. I can’t understand why they have been kept under wraps for so long and am thrilled that they are finally going to be available to buy in the UK. I honestly don’t know how anyone breastfeeds without them.

  13. Fiona Fitzpatrick

    Breast Angels Silverette Healing Cups were a lifesaver, literally. I had seen many of my friends slip into a viscous circle – mum has sore nipples, baby feeds badly, baby sleeps badly, mum sleeps badly, mum has lower milk supply, baby feeds badly…you get the picture. But by using the cups from day 1, I never had a single day where my nipples hurt or were cracked. Breastfeeding has been great for both baby and me, and as a result baby has been sleeping through the night since 8 weeks old!

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